About Lamp Recycling: Why Recycle Lamps?

Lamp Recycling: A brilliant idea!

Fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps
are energy-efficient, but contain mercury

Improper disposal of lamps contributes to mercury in the environment. As a generator of these hazardous wastes, all lightbulbs-have-mercury copycompanies are required to be environmentally compliant in following state and federal regulations.

The best way to prevent the release of mercury from lighting is to recycle lamps, as this captures the mercury. Most importantly, it is critical not to dispose of lamps in the solid waste stream. By putting lamps out with regular trash, they can be easily broken in your dumpster, or by your waste hauler.

We follow all the US Environmental Protection Agency’s guideless and regulations for lamp recycling. Please help save the planet and recycle your lamps safely and properly with us!